Dr. Dani Santino


Ray J. Santino (Son)

Lindsay Santino (Daughter)

Ray Santino Sr. (Ex-Husband)

Angela (Mother)


Matt Donnally (Boyfriend)

Dr. J. D. Aldridge (Ex-Boyfriend)


Margo Ciccero


Coach Patrick Purnell

Nicco Careles

Terrance "T.K" King


Laura Radcliffe

Lazarus Rollins

Doctor Danielle “Dani” Santino, the protagonist of the show, Dr. Dani Santino is a tough, middle-aged, recent Long Island divorcé trainee who, to make ends meet, becomes the therapist for a professional football team and quickly becomes sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians and those living in the spotlight. Although a sexy, strong, and talented Long Island psychotherapist, Dani’s comfortable suburban life is turned upside down by a messy divorce. Though initially wary about what her future will hold, Dani finds herself going from devoted wife to in-demand therapist after she is hired as the official therapist for the New York Hawks pro-football team and word gets out about her counseling skills. Now, high-profile clients are knocking at her door in the hopes that Dr. Dani's tough-love style and take-no-prisoners counseling approach will help them overcome their crises. From flailing football players to anxious news anchors to troubled TV personalities, Dani's clients constantly keep her on her toes, as do her two teenaged kids. Luckily, Dani is tough enough to tackle just about any challenge, whether it's stubborn patients, rebellious teenagers, or even the post-divorce dating scene. Dani has begun a relationship with the team's athletic trainer, Matt Donnally, but tries to keep it secret from both the team and her children. Throughout the series one of her main patients is Terrence King, who falls in and out of trouble with his own antics, no matter how much Dr. Dani advices him against them. She tries to help him deal with getting shot in the second season, but T.K. goes into a downward spiral and she advises the team to do an intervention for T.K., with him being forced to go into rehab. Dr. Santino falls in and out of her relationship with Matt, because he wants to have children and she doesn't want to have anymore. Dr. Dani kisses Nico Careles after Marshall Pittman dies in a plane crash.

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